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Jengatrix, Bump it, Backgammon, Cookies, 8 Ball Pool, Basketball, Bowling and more... Socializing has never been so fun and easy! You can play all of these excellent online games without paying, they are completely free.


A fun tower building game with real physics. Build your wall with your opponent and put your stones down carefully. Stay between the walls and try to trick your game mate. Stabilize the tower and win the game!


The classic backgammon game is here! Roll your dice and get the numbers, then move your checkers to other slots. Each roll will be a new challenge for you. Collect all your checkers before your game mate and win the game!


Cookies is a cookie crushing game that you can play easily. Enjoy blasting candies and score faster than your opponent. Each candy in your area must be destroyed to finish the game!

Bump it!

A fun ball shooting game to challenge others! You will be given a various number of balls and your aim will be sending all of these balls into your target area. Use the environment, use your opponent’s balls and beat your game mate! But flick carefully

Easy To customize

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